Arika, 24 years old, Melbourne, Australia
Sample2, 30 years old, Guam Government House, Guam
Quincy, 26 years old, Berlin, Germany
Liviu Lascu, 24 years old, Campina, Romania
Martin, 35 years old, Veliko Turnovo, Bulgaria
Arthur, 29 years old, Stockholm, Sweden
Rhaji Joshua, 30 years old, Abuja, Nigeria
Masud Rana, 31 years old, Pabna, Bangladesh
Jones Lawson, 43 years old, Opelika, USA
katungukar, 26 years old, Ghormach, Afghanistan
jhondey, 35 years old, Chandigarh, India
Lancelot, 33 years old, Madrid, Colombia
32 years old Lesbian / Gay
Berlin, Berlin, Germany
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I am looking for

— Man
— 26-30
— 31-35
— Friendship
— Penpal

My details

5,4 ft (163-165 cm)
up to 40 kg
I am single
No, but I want
Live with parents
Some college
— English
— German
Drink on holidays

Preferences in sex

— Clothes
— Smell
At least one time a week
— Classical sex
— Virtual sex
No need for a sponsor
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