Tolu, 37 years old, Abuja, Nigeria
Mary, 35 years old, Madrid, Colombia
Rhaji Joshua, 30 years old, Abuja, Nigeria
Elliot, 40 years old, Paris, France
Роман, 24 years old, Qazax, Azerbaijan
Blake, 30 years old, Berlin, Germany
rigeukikeru-, 26 years old, Fayzabad, Afghanistan
Caren, 31 years old, Sydney, Australia
test, 26 years old, Berlin, Germany
Jones Lawson, 44 years old, Opelika, USA
Ahmed Cherif, 43 years old, Paris, France
Mathew Emanuell Chaburuma, 24 years old, Catumbela, Angola
Last seen 1 year ago
24 years old Straight
Santiago de Surco, Lima region, Peru
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I am looking for

— Woman
— 18-20
— 31-35
— Friendship

My details

5,5 ft (166-168 cm)
61-70 kg
White / Caucasian
Light brown
I am single
Live alone in my house
High level
— Spanish
Drink on holidays

Preferences in sex

— Massage
At least one time a day
— Classical sex
I am ready to be a sponsor
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