Brenton, 43 years old, Stockholm, Sweden
Douglas, 78 years old, Sydney, Australia
Tolu, 36 years old, Abuja, Nigeria
Gillian, 40 years old, Sydney, Australia
Blake, 29 years old, Berlin, Germany
Mary, 34 years old, Madrid, Colombia
Jason, 39 years old, Annecy, France
Joel, 54 years old, Catalao, Brazil
Paula, 35 years old, Madrid, Colombia
Nadine, 26 years old, Berlin, Germany
Shahin Khan, 32 years old, Joypur Hat, Bangladesh
Masud Rana, 30 years old, Pabna, Bangladesh


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Placed: July 16, 2023 10:58 pm
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30 years old

Guam Government House, Guam

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